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Top 10 Places to visit in Morocco

Morocco Travel Series The Top Ten places to visit in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries the world and certainly in the recent years it’s growing out to become the No. 1 tourist destination on its own right. Today’s numerous economical flights, which now fly to over 6 cities in Morocco enable anyone to drop there and spend a great weekend in one of the beautiful cities of the country. No matter if you want to do a cultural exploration of the Islamic – Oriental- Northern African cultural heritages, if you want a culinary tour, or some days of Sun-Sea-Sand, you can now combine all these when in Morocco.
In this article I would like to provide you some guidance on what I think are the top 10 things you shouldn’t miss out on trying or doing when in Morocco.
Visit the Old District of Fez Having the biggest, untouched oriental souk (Medieval market) quarter in the whole world (also the biggest city area without any car traffic in the whole world) Fez is one of the most uniq…

My Ultimate Guide to Marrakech - Part 2

My Ultimate Guide to Marrakech - Part 2

Ok, so my travel guide is shaping up just fine. In this sequel I would like you to get familiar with what I'm going to write about an how I'm going to introduce every attraction I feel it's well worth introducing in Marrakech. Enjoy! Comment! Ask! Suggest! 

Unlike the regular Top 10 model I thought to do things differently this time. That’s exactly why I will be segmenting my Ultimate Marrakech Guide according to the following categories:

About the Marrakech travel guide's structuring

Unlike the regular Top 10 model I thought to do things differently this time. That’s exactly why I will be segmenting my Ultimate Marrakech Guide according to the following categories:

  • Top 5 Marrakech landmarks for great and authentic photoshoots:  because it’s natural everyone wants to make some outstanding photos of Marrakech of some outstanding and history things which will mean a lot later one when you look back on the photos. These also provide the scene for some of the most beautiful professional photographs you can see on photo sites.
  • Top 5 places in Marrakech to learn about arts and history:  Marrakech is very rich in culture and therefore it’s also rich in great museums and other historical sites which you ought to check out.
  • The best places to feel the mystical oriental side of Marrakech: ok, so all in all, this is the main reason people visit Morocco. To feel that mystic Arabic, Islamic, Middle Eastern, African blend of cultures you cannot experience anywhere else but in Morocco. This is the blend of just everything, the old narrow streets, the Muezzin chanting the Adaan ( call for prayer), the smells, the sight of everything so foreign to our eyes and our senses. I will represent you with the best ever places you can really dig deep and experience this mystic side of the city. 
I feel this will make the whole guide way easier to go through according to personal preferences.

Moroccan cat

What you need to understand about Marrakech

Marrakech is a very big city with lots of alone-standing districts. Unless you have a close friend living there you won’t see much of these because the touristic areas are limited to the downtown area and the Medina. As the city was the centre of the French too while Morocco was a French colony, the name of everything is either in Arabic or in French and French is also the primary language everyone speaks, though they are getting better in English too these days.

There are mainly 3 districts where tourists generally move, namely:
  • Güeliz: the modern city centre district of Morocco with the Railway Station and Central Bus Station also located in here.
  • Médina : it has 10 different small districts and from the South-West it’s bordered by the charming Jamaa El F’na which makes it all the easier to get there.
  • Districts between Médina and Güeliz: Bab Doukkala, Rmila, Mouassine, Riad Laarous, Bab Taghzout: these are the districts with the highest numbers of Riads, though most of these are still technically considered as part of the Médina.
  • Ville Nouvelle ( as an extra for shopping and shopping centres and some great cafés - watch out for my Cooking Morocco blog where I will soon release a Marrakech culinary guide!
The largest density of things/attractions to see is definitely in the Medina area. This is where you will get to see the highest number of attractions without having to take a cab. We will start up with the first 5 attactions. 

Make sure you visit my Morocco Travel albums on Pinterest. A special album for my Marrakech Travel Guide is also in preparation, will be released shortly!

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