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Top 10 Places to visit in Morocco

Morocco Travel Series The Top Ten places to visit in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries the world and certainly in the recent years it’s growing out to become the No. 1 tourist destination on its own right. Today’s numerous economical flights, which now fly to over 6 cities in Morocco enable anyone to drop there and spend a great weekend in one of the beautiful cities of the country. No matter if you want to do a cultural exploration of the Islamic – Oriental- Northern African cultural heritages, if you want a culinary tour, or some days of Sun-Sea-Sand, you can now combine all these when in Morocco.
In this article I would like to provide you some guidance on what I think are the top 10 things you shouldn’t miss out on trying or doing when in Morocco.
Visit the Old District of Fez Having the biggest, untouched oriental souk (Medieval market) quarter in the whole world (also the biggest city area without any car traffic in the whole world) Fez is one of the most uniq…

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Morocco- Introduction

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Morocco

  Morocco Beach

After much of contemplation as to what natural wonders of Morocco I’d most like to represent you with, I have come to the conclusion that I will continue this series, after the success of the „Top Ten Places you wouldn’t believe exist in Morocco” I will come out with another big Top Ten this time focusing on the most outstanding beaches of Morocco and getting a short break from my Morocco Accommodation Series which needs some more work for the next articles.

„Why the beaches?” you may ask – Morocco is not exactly popular for its beaches. Unlike Egypt or Tunisia it doesn’t yet have the resort tourism which means, travel agencies aren’t yet hooked on the country as a touristic destination. And that’s a fantastic thing! These waters are fairly clean from the tons of sun crèmes and sun oils, they are silent, and they are relaxed. They are not full of tourists. You are left to enjoy the nature how it is, in its purest possible form. And this is outstanding, in this day and age, in my opinion.

In this presentation I’d like to talk a little bit about the beaches, the cities closes to them, their geographical setting and their main features, including a short guide as to how to get to these. I hope you will all enjoy this new Top Ten of mine. As for me I have a long ongoing never-ending passion for the sea so I’m very glad to get the opportunity to write about these charming beaches. I will also create this Top Ten its own Pinterest Album with the link being represented at the bottom, after all said and done so that you guys can browse even more beautiful pics on the Top Ten most outstanding beaches of Morocco.  Let me also add that I did not include Legzira Beach here, as I have already written about that lovely wild beach in my previous Mega Top Ten which you can reach by clicking here.

Morocco Beach sunset

This time around I will be a little bit more elaborate on each destination with also suggesting some places to stay for each beach and representing a brief historical background of each region. I am also learning with you and this is just a fantastic opportunity for doing so.

Now, let me add that Morocco has countless lovely beaches. I did my best to represent one from each separate region this time, so that I don’t get to concentrate only on one specific area ( for instance, Al Hoceima would be worth its own Top Ten beaches article alone!)

Let me finish this with the wish to hear from you, read your comments, opinions on my blogs and suggestions on what you would like to read more about.

Link to my Pinterest Album on the new Mega Top Ten ( still in progress) 

Thank you all for reading me.


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