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Top 10 Places to visit in Morocco

Morocco Travel Series The Top Ten places to visit in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries the world and certainly in the recent years it’s growing out to become the No. 1 tourist destination on its own right. Today’s numerous economical flights, which now fly to over 6 cities in Morocco enable anyone to drop there and spend a great weekend in one of the beautiful cities of the country. No matter if you want to do a cultural exploration of the Islamic – Oriental- Northern African cultural heritages, if you want a culinary tour, or some days of Sun-Sea-Sand, you can now combine all these when in Morocco.
In this article I would like to provide you some guidance on what I think are the top 10 things you shouldn’t miss out on trying or doing when in Morocco.
Visit the Old District of Fez Having the biggest, untouched oriental souk (Medieval market) quarter in the whole world (also the biggest city area without any car traffic in the whole world) Fez is one of the most uniq…

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Morocco - Part 4

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Morocco

Playa de las Cuevas
An incredibly beautiful beach in Northern Morocco

Las Cuevas Beach

Las Cuevas Beach (Las Cuevas means coves) also called as “Paradise Beach” is one of the largest and most picturesque beaches you can ever get to see in the world. With beautiful golden sand, great waves, this vast, beautiful beach is one of the largest beaches you can get to see in Morocco. Situated at the North-Western shores of Morocco, the location of the beach is just perfect for visiting almost all year long. This special beach is located almost halfway between the cities of Asilah and Larache and it’s of course one of the highest visited in the region, although it is far from being a touristic place, in lack of proper holiday facilities in its close proximity. Therefore its beauty for now, is preserved for the locals.  You will be able to watch some of the longest waves you have ever seen at a beach and by looking at the photo, it looks like this beach is somewhere in California. The paradise-like setting makes this place quite ideal for a summer getaway from the heat and it’s just perfect for surfing, windsurfing and surfboarding.

Playa Cuevas Rock
This exceptional rock formation looks just outstanding!!!

About Larache
To tell you all the truth I was planning to say a few words about Asilah in this chapter as it’s geographically close to the Las Cuevas Beach, but as I already plan to write a longer piece about that special city, I thought to rather write about Larache, which is a very underrated and a very special town which is as beautiful a fishing town as it can possibly get. The city is somehow pretty low-key in terms of tourism, which is absolutely stunning seeing how beautiful and well-kept it is, having some of the most beautiful locations in the area.

Larache has long been a port city and it’s absolutely multi-cultural as before the Spanish conquests it was actually under Portugal rule too for a while this town is a very interesting mixture of Arabic and Andalusian styles. Paired up with some beautiful beaches and sea-shores, Larache has all the touristic potential in the world: except for an international airport, the closest of which is located at Tangier, a few hours by bus from the city.

Larache is popular for Lixus, an ancient city’s ruins which in the ancient times was part of the Mauritanian Kingdom and was built in 1180 BC and later on became a Phoenician settlement. The ruins clearly show the situation of the settlement which has a very special situation: overlooking the River Loukkos. It takes about 2-3 hours by car to get here from Asilah but it’s well worth visiting: it’s a really exceptional city with a very unique style. Paired up with a lovely old Medina, the lovely port of Larache and lots of Spanish and Portuguese remains, this city is more than worth visiting.

Larache Morocco

if you want something real authentic check out the Riad style La Maison Haute which has an exceptional location, in the Medina very close to the beautiful port area. From its balcony you can get an exceptional view to the nearby sea and to the old buildings of the downtown.
Larache has its fair share of beaches besides the beautiful Las Cuevas which is about an hour away from the city. Rent a car or a bike to get there.

How to get there:
Larache such as Asilah is along the main highways A1 running South from the Northern shores and serving direct connections to all the big cities in the area. From Tangier Larache is approximately 3-4 hours by bus. As Tangier has train connection with Casablanca that train has a stop in Asilah, from there it’s best to take a taxi or a bus to get to Larache. As Asilah is only a 35 minute journey from Tangier, Larache is not much further either and a shared taxi could get you there pretty cheap.
Check out Morocco trains straight from the website of ONCF the main train company of Morocco

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