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Top 10 Places to visit in Morocco

Morocco Travel Series The Top Ten places to visit in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most diverse countries the world and certainly in the recent years it’s growing out to become the No. 1 tourist destination on its own right. Today’s numerous economical flights, which now fly to over 6 cities in Morocco enable anyone to drop there and spend a great weekend in one of the beautiful cities of the country. No matter if you want to do a cultural exploration of the Islamic – Oriental- Northern African cultural heritages, if you want a culinary tour, or some days of Sun-Sea-Sand, you can now combine all these when in Morocco.
In this article I would like to provide you some guidance on what I think are the top 10 things you shouldn’t miss out on trying or doing when in Morocco.
Visit the Old District of Fez Having the biggest, untouched oriental souk (Medieval market) quarter in the whole world (also the biggest city area without any car traffic in the whole world) Fez is one of the most uniq…

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Morocco - Part 6

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Morocco

 Red sand at Lalla Fatna beach

Lalla Fatna Beach – Safi

In this chapter I’d like to introduce you to a really special beach, located in a very unique city in the Southwestern part of Morocco called Safi. This historical town houses plenty of attractions for you to visit and after you are done, there is an exceptionally lovely beach waiting for you, called Lalla Fatna. The first thing you can recognize when arriving to this beach is the exceptional color of the sand: somewhere between red and yellow, creating a very beautiful shade of orange.
The water is pleasant, it’s great to swim in or bathe in for everyone and that’s why it’s also among the most popular destinations for the locals, in the summer.

Did you know? 
There is a weird tradition throughout the whole of Morocco, not to swim in the sea after the summer month of August is over. This also stands in the southern part of the country, where it’s literally warm or hot all year long. That’s why if you arrive in September or October, when the weather is still full on hot along with the sea ( ok, it’s an ocean so it will not ever be as warm as the Mediterranean, but it definitely keeps a pleasant temperature in September and October).
So, if you arrive in September or later, you will see empty beaches throughout the whole country. Anyways, the beach is a pleasant distance from the town but unfortunately it’s way too far to get there on foot. You may need to rent a car or call a cab, because it’s a good half an hour to 45 minute drive along the beaches. But worry not, because Safi also has its fair share of beach just in case you wouldn’t be able to get there each time,

 Lalla Fatna beach side view

Short history of Safi:

This is a pretty big city, being one of the oldest in Morocco and in its looks it’s very similar to the close by lying Essaouira, however it’s not as popular, being further from Marrakech than the former. The old town has two beautiful Portuguese forts Kechla and Dar al Baghar as it used to be a Portuguese city for a pretty long time. As an interesting fact: the fort itself is still under Portuguese protection!  The city is a popular fishing town and is one of the Nr 1.  In terms of sardine fishing. Another important attraction of the city is its great tradition of pottery including ceramics. So if you are up for buying some, this is a great place to do it. Visit the Collines de Potiers which is a real pottery district! Don’t miss out on the Medina and the National Pottery Museum once you are there.

Surfing:  as this region is a real surfer paradise, Lalla Fatna also has its own little surf community

Accommodation:  Try Hotel Abda, Hotel Assif or Hotel Atlantide as the best hotels of the city. If you want cheaper accommodation, check out local homes who offer rooms for tourists, however mostly only during the summer months. Airbnb can also provide you with some great solutions.

Distance from Marrakech – 152 kms. Regular buses go there from Marrakech and by far that’s the easiest option to go for.

Moroccan pottery Safi
Exceptional artwork

I must tell you all, that despite my best efforts, it’s really not easy to gather much of an information about these exceptional beaches. They certainly don’t get nearly as much appreciation as they should have and as there are certain difficulties when it comes to public transportation, many of them are quite a challenge to get to, if you don’t own a car. But I’d definitely suggest you to pay a visit to this beach, the waves are awesome, the sand is stunning and this is one of the most spectacular beaches you can ever get to see in Morocco. 

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Visit my Moroccan Beaches Pinterest Album for more photos on Morocco's beautiful beaches. I do my best to refresh it from time to time. 


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